Battleship USS Iowa Museum – An Exciting Feel of US Naval History

Battleship USS Iowa Museum Los Angeles CaliforniaThe famous Battleship USS Iowa Museum in Los Angeles traces its history to February 24th, 1943. In that year, the ship was launched as the lead ship in her category of battleships; it was the fourth battleship in the US to be named after the state of Iowa. Immediately after its launch it was put into use as a powerful gunship in the Pacific Ocean during the 2nd World War. During this war, the battleship was used to carry President Franklin Roosevelt right across the Atlantic as he was journeying to meet Josef Stalin, the then leader of USSR and Winston Churchill the wartime Prime Minister of Britain at that time.

This was not the only significant war that this unique was involved in. It was in the thick of things during the Korean War where she took part in raids on prime targets on the Korean Coast. After this she was decommissioned and joined the US Navy Reserve fleets. However, in 1984, the expansion of the Soviet Navy saw this battleship reactivated during the cold war as a part of US Navy Plan to counter the Soviet expansion. Sadly an explosion whose origin could not be determined damaged her number 2 gun turret and killed 47 sailors.

This battleship was finally decommissioned in 1990. It was removed from the US Naval Register sometime in 1995. Despite this removal, the ship was reactivated in the period covering 1999-2006 as a way of complying with US federal laws. These laws required maintenance and retention of two Iowa- class battleships. In 2012, after the battleship was handed over to a non-profit center in Los Angeles, it was availed to the public as a captivating museum by the name Battleship USS Iowa Museum.

Stepping inside this stunning vessel reveals the marvels of American naval history. In the museum you get the feel of what it meant to be a sailor manning this enormous battleship. At the captain’s deck, visitors get the chance to admire views over the ship’s deck. Here visitors hear about the significant trips made by former US presidents and see actual legacies of those trips; the bathtub installed specifically for President Roosevelt is a popular attraction. Currently, this vessel is a top 10 regional attraction. Every new room and deck opens the door to intriguing tales and immersive exhibits to curious visitors.

The Museum offers VIP treatment to veterans and kid-friendly activities right on board. The USS Battleship Iowa is rated by CBS Los Angeles as one of the best exhibits parents can visit with their kids; it offers an excellent learning and fun museum for the entire family.

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