Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo California

Wild animals are an important aspect in our society today and there is need to conserve them to ensure that they will be around for many generations to come. Well, Zoos play an important role in the conservation of animals.

A zoo is basically a foundation built with the aim of collecting and keeping wild animals for studying, conservation and for public viewing. Money and expertise is key in running and maintaining a zoo to provide the best environment for the animals to live.

Nurturing wildlife and enriching the human experience, Just like their motto states, Los Angeles Zoo is one of a kind. The zoo has been functional since the year 1966 in November. It lies on a 133 acres of land and owned by the city of Los Angeles.

The zoo is home to over 1,100 animals including: birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians who represent nearly 250 different species whereby 29 are endangered. People visit the zoo because of it’s beauty as it also comprises of about 7,400 plants from over 800 existing species.

In a year, the zoo gets lots and lots of visitors amounting to 1.8 million. The zoo’s operations and maintenance is done by the people of Los Angeles as the staff personnel as they also educate and carry out research as well.

The aim of the LA zoo is to create a tourist attraction site for recreation purposes, educate people on the need to conserve wild animals and maintain a natural habitat in general. The zoo is meant to serve the community.

Director John R. Lewis is incharge of managing the zoo and had served as a president of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums from the year 2001 to 2002. The zoo is operational daily as from 10 a.m to 5 in the evening. The charges are pocket friendly varying from children to adults and there is ample parking for visitors as well.

It ensures that wild animals are well fed and their environment is ideal at all times. They have done great with the place and are commended for it. The numbers of visitors they get per year continues to grow which is good for the zoo. If you are looking for a place you can get information, be educated and engage with wild animals then the Los Angeles Zoo is the ideal place for you. In many ways, the Zoo presents a great opportunity for you to explore and see a wide variety of animals.
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The LA Convention Center: Facts and statistics

LA Convention Center

The LA Convention Center which is conveniently located in downtown Los Angeles, boasts 720,000 square feet of space and is one of the largest convention centers in the USA. In 2013, the city council employed the Anschutz Entertainment Group to manage the day to day running of the LA Convention Center.


The LA Convention Center was designed by world renown architect Charles Luckman and was officially opened in 1971. In 1997 a portion of the convention center was demolished, to make room for the Staples Center. However, council members such as William M. Hughs started to campaign for a LA based convention center since the late 1920s.


The LA Convention Center offers on site parking for up to 5,600 vehicles and boasts electrical charging stations, for electric cars and hybrid cards. The center also boasts not one but three food courts. You’ll also find a two storey meeting room, which bridges over Pico Boulevard.

Exhibition halls:

The largest exhibition hall is the South Hall, which is also known as the Tom Bradley Exhibit Hall and boasts 347,000 square feet of space. The second largest exhibition hall is the West Hall, which is also known as the Sam Yorty Exhibition Hall and boasts 210,000 square feet of floor space.

Well known events:

Each year the LA Convention Center hosts the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Primetime Emmy Awards’ Governors Ball and the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The latter of which is also referred to as E3 and attracts around 50,000 gamers. Most major conventions which are held in LA are held at the LA Convention Center.

Film location:

The LA Convention Center was used as a futuristic space port in the sci-fi comedy “Starship Troopers” and appeared during a fight scene, in the iconic film “Rush Hour”.

Tornado damage:

In 1938 a tornado caused extensive damage to the convention center’s roof. It cost approximately 3 million dollars to repair the convention center’s roof and replace the individual letters which made of the convention center’s sign.

Map of the world:

If you step into the LA Convention Center’s lobby and look down at your feet you’ll see a 140,000 square foot map of the world. If you head upstairs to the upstairs lobby, you’ll notice that the floor boasts a map of constellations.

Gilbert Lindsay Plaza:

You’ll find Gilbert Lindsay Plaza located directly in front of the convention center. The plaza is named after Gilbert Lindsay, a prominent council member who served downtown LA. If you visit the plaza, you’ll find a 10 foot tall statue of Lindsay, which was erected in 1995.

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Interesting Tidbits about the Hollywood Sign in LA

What’s so special about the Hollywood Sign? To the eyes of many, it might seem just like any other old sign- blocky and uninteresting to boot, whose only redeeming quality is the fact that it has become synonymous with Los Angeles City and the whole glitz and glamor of Hollywood itself. But there is more than meets the eye with the Hollywood Sign. Not only is it a cultural icon, it also enjoys a rich and varied history that not a lot of people know about.

Here are some of the interesting facts that you might want to learn about this very iconic masterpiece.

It’s Not Originally “Hollywood”

The sign, which was erected in 1923 as advertisement for an upscale housing development, originally read as “HOLLYWOODLAND” instead of the “HOLLYWOOD” that we see today. It was designed to be lit up by lights. Parts of the word- “HOLLY,” “WOOD,” and “LAND” would blink one after the other, which made for a very interesting view back then. The “LAND” part of the sign was dropped in 1949 when the sign was rebuilt.

Many Interesting Things Happened at the “H”

The original 1923 “H” was thought to have been lost, until it showed up in 2005 on the ecommerce website eBay. It was apparently owned by producer and businessman Dan Bliss who later sold it to sculptor Bill Mack. Another interesting event that happened at the letter “H”: the suicide of young actress Peg Entwistle in 1932. She climbed a ladder up to the top of the letter and jumped, dying from severe injuries to the pelvis (as the autopsies showed). In the 1940s, official caretaker Albert Kothe crashed his car into the “H”. Luckily, he was unharmed, but the letter required extensive repair.

The Sign Has Been Defaced Many Times

Pranksters like to change the sign so that it will read “HollyWEED” instead of “Hollywood.” This is a prank that was first recorded in 1976, upon the state’s decriminalization of marijuana, and was even recently repeated by modern day jokesters in January this year.

High-Profile Celebrities Sponsored Its Restoration

In 1978, a widespread campaign to repair the sign was started. Celebrities such as actor Gene Autry, singer Andy Williams, Alice Cooper, and Hugh Hefner among others donated $27,777.77 each for the repair of each letter of the sign.

The Original Sign Was Bigger

The original sign that was erected in 1923 was actually bigger than the one we have today. The 1923 sign was about 50 feet tall, while the modern reconstructed one is 45 feet tall, five feet shorter than the old one.

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Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles

Pantages Theatre Los Angeles California

Los Angeles, California is the state in US known for its largest population after New York. This state has several nicknames due to its various unique elements, out of which “LA” is the most common nickname almost used by every person living there.

Los Angeles not only has unique weather but unique platforms that welcome millions of people every year. LA set a record of entertaining 45.5 million visitors during 2015.

“Los Angeles is a place where the world comes together for cultural experiences and celebrated attractions that cannot be found anywhere else,” said Mayor Garcetti.

When a person thinks about Los Angeles, the first vision that appears in his mind is that of the Hollywood sign. There is no doubt that the fan following of Hollywood has made LA another centre of attention.

Hollywood Pantages Theatre is one of the major contributors to the tourism of LA among all the attractions of Hollywood in Los Angeles.


Pantages Theatre has been capturing the attention of audience with fascinating dramas, plays, dance shows, operas and music concerts since 4 June, 1930. Soon it became a Hollywood Landmark. In 1932, Alexander Pantages sold the theatre to Fox West Coast Theatres. From 1949 through 1959, the theatre hosted the American motion picture industry’s annual Academy Award Ceremonies. It continued to be a significant venue for road show movies into the 1970s. From 1965, it was operated by Pacific Theatres. The Hollywood Pantages closed as a movie theater in January, 1977, and re-started the following month with Bubbling Brown Sugar, the first of the countless stage productions that have since become its regular fare.


In 2000, with a huge cost of $10 million and the hard work of 300 artisans, the theatre was restored and upgraded with new equipments and facilities for the performers as well as the viewers.


Various award ceremonies are organized in Pantages Theatre for which people from all around the world visit, just to get a glimpse of their favorite stars. Popular singer-songwriter Shakira performed in her first show at the Pantages Theatre. Not only for the performance but also the shooting of various movies, TV show and music videos are executed at Pantages Theatre.


The importance of Pantages Theatre can be estimated by the times it has been renovated to the needs of the era. Pantages Theatre has not only been a source of entertainment for the people but also a source of encouragement for the artists and a source of learning for the upcoming artists.


Due to its rich history, and deep roots in Hollywood, Pantages Theatre was presented with Preservation Award from Los Angeles Conservancy.

Still to this day, Pantages Theatre is one the leading venues for live theatre. It is a cultural heritage that will be treasured forever.

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Battleship USS Iowa Museum – An Exciting Feel of US Naval History

Battleship USS Iowa Museum Los Angeles CaliforniaThe famous Battleship USS Iowa Museum in Los Angeles traces its history to February 24th, 1943. In that year, the ship was launched as the lead ship in her category of battleships; it was the fourth battleship in the US to be named after the state of Iowa. Immediately after its launch it was put into use as a powerful gunship in the Pacific Ocean during the 2nd World War. During this war, the battleship was used to carry President Franklin Roosevelt right across the Atlantic as he was journeying to meet Josef Stalin, the then leader of USSR and Winston Churchill the wartime Prime Minister of Britain at that time.

This was not the only significant war that this unique was involved in. It was in the thick of things during the Korean War where she took part in raids on prime targets on the Korean Coast. After this she was decommissioned and joined the US Navy Reserve fleets. However, in 1984, the expansion of the Soviet Navy saw this battleship reactivated during the cold war as a part of US Navy Plan to counter the Soviet expansion. Sadly an explosion whose origin could not be determined damaged her number 2 gun turret and killed 47 sailors.

This battleship was finally decommissioned in 1990. It was removed from the US Naval Register sometime in 1995. Despite this removal, the ship was reactivated in the period covering 1999-2006 as a way of complying with US federal laws. These laws required maintenance and retention of two Iowa- class battleships. In 2012, after the battleship was handed over to a non-profit center in Los Angeles, it was availed to the public as a captivating museum by the name Battleship USS Iowa Museum.

Stepping inside this stunning vessel reveals the marvels of American naval history. In the museum you get the feel of what it meant to be a sailor manning this enormous battleship. At the captain’s deck, visitors get the chance to admire views over the ship’s deck. Here visitors hear about the significant trips made by former US presidents and see actual legacies of those trips; the bathtub installed specifically for President Roosevelt is a popular attraction. Currently, this vessel is a top 10 regional attraction. Every new room and deck opens the door to intriguing tales and immersive exhibits to curious visitors.

The Museum offers VIP treatment to veterans and kid-friendly activities right on board. The USS Battleship Iowa is rated by CBS Los Angeles as one of the best exhibits parents can visit with their kids; it offers an excellent learning and fun museum for the entire family.

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